Her Voice

Chandos Records

Release Date: October 4, 2019


The Neave Trio (Anna Williams, violin; Mikhail Veselov, cello; Eri Nakamura, piano) announces the release of Her Voice on Chandos Records on September 27, 2019 (UK) and October 4, 2019 (US). The album honors three distinguished women composers and features a wide range of voices from the past. From the charming, late Classical style of Louise Farrenc to the Romantic, floating, buoyant melodies of Amy Beach to the dramatic, haunting landscape and atmosphere of Rebecca Clarke, each piano trio represents the composer’s unique voice and distinct style.

A virtuoso pianist and French composer from the Romantic era, Louise Farrenc’s Piano Trio in E-flat Major, Op. 33 unifies the strings with the piano in a supportive, balanced setting of exuberant French elegance. Amy Beach’s Piano Trio in A minor, Op. 150 was composed late in her career, and incorporates lush, romantic melodies over a variety of textures, tones, and impressionistic colors. One of her most prominent pieces, Rebecca Clarke’s Piano Trio showcases her unique harmonic language, influenced by both the French and British styles of the early 20th century, as well as by folk music.


Anna Williams, Neave Trio violinist, says of Her Voice, “There is so much great repertoire that is under-performed, especially from women composers, and we feel it is essential to program and record these masterworks alongside the more well-known catalogue of piano trio repertoire. These women really broke down barriers and paved the way for future generations and we are excited to honor their unique contributions and voices.”


Her Voice is the Neave Trio’s third album Chandos Records, following French Moments (2018), which includes the only known piano trios by Debussy, Fauré, and Roussel. According to BBC Music Magazine, “The performances balance passion with sensitivity and grace,” while The Strad praises the trio’s “eloquent phrasing and deft control of textures.” Neave’s Chandos debut, American Moments (2016), features works by Korngold, Foote, and Bernstein. BBC Music wrote, “The Trio offers a strong sense of partnership, with the Bernstein bounding along in fine spirit. The Foote shines wonderfully and is well worth discovering,” while American Record Guide expressed Neave’s playing as “idiomatic and attractive.”


 "Her Voice" has been met with widespread critical acclaim and was listed among 

The Best Albums of 2019 by the New York Times and BBC 

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Composer Eric Nathan will release the world premiere recording of Missing Words (2014-2021) on January 21, 2022 on New Focus Recordings. Performed by the Boston Modern Orchestra Project, American Brass Quintet, cellist Parry Karp and pianist Christopher Karp, International Contemporary Ensemble, Neave Trio, and Hub New Music, this 84-minute magnum opus is a six-part series inspired by German words invented by writer Ben Schott in his book Schottenfreude (2013) that describe ineffable experiences of contemporary life. The musical works speak to intimate yet shared experiences that range from the tragic and beautiful to the comic and commonplace. With Missing Words, Nathan finds meaning in the phenomena that add color to everyday life. Schott has contributed a foreword for the album and Robert Kirzinger wrote the liner notes.

Musically, Missing Words is a stark departure from Nathan's other works. In order to convey the subtlety and complexity of Schott's precisely constructed portmanteau words, Nathan has invented new sonorities and forms that are surprising and delightful. He expresses, with exactitude and humor, shared human experiences that bring us closer together. These Schumann-esque character pieces take the listener through sound worlds that are widely disparate.

Missing Words

New Focus Records

Release Date: January 21, 2022

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Celebrating Piazzolla

Azica Records

Release Date: November 16, 2018

"The Neave Trio’s second album of 2018 (and first with vocalist Carla Jablonski) was a late-year treat: a brilliant, passionate homage to Astor Piazzolla (and, on the last track, his larger influence)."

"...it should come as no surprise that the ensemble plays with character and panache. How well their approach translates to the passionate world of the Argentine tango, though, may come as a bit of a shock…as in, you might be astonished that they didn’t get their collective start in one of Astor Piazzolla’s quintets. At least that’s one takeaway from Celebrating Piazzolla, the group’s first release on the Azica label. The Neave’s make fiery work of José Bragato’s arrangement of Piazzolla’s Las cuatro estaciones porteñas, a set of four “portraits” of Buenos Aires that correspond to each of the year’s season. “Primavera Porteña,” with its biting rhythms and slashing accents, draws torrid playing from violinist Anna Williams, in particular. The second movement, “Verano Porteño,” receives a swooning, sultry reading from the group, while cellist Mikhail Veselov makes scorching work of his solos in “Otoño Porteño.” A glowing nostalgia informs the lush finale, “Invierno Porteño.” The album’s last track, “Milonga de los Monsters” isn’t a Piazzolla creation – it’s by Suárez Paz – but, in terms of language and style, it’s a loving homage to the older composer. Williams makes blistering work of the opening violin cadenza, while cellist Veselov, pianist Eri Nakamura, and Jablonski play (and sing) with droll energy. A fresh, spirited ending, then, to a thoroughly delightful, engaging album."


- the Arts Fuse


"Celebrating Piazzolla, the latest offering from the Neave Trio, is every bit as spirited as I anticipated. The violin, cello, and piano format suits the composer’s beautiful and distinguished Argentinian tangos nuevos, four of which open the album in arrangements by José Bragato, a cellist and composer and onetime colleague of Astor Piazzolla’s. Presented as a suite, “Las cuatro estaciones porteños” encompass the wide emotional range the music suggests – plucky, anxious, romantic, melancholy. Together the three musicians craft the feel of a much larger band. Violinist Anna Williams and cellist Mikhail Veselov take turns evoking the bandoneón through a combination of technique and imaginative force. Pianist Eri Nakamura summons orchestral depth, by turns dark and brilliant, from the keys...The album closes with an original and rather operatic piece of modernism composed by Suárez Paz. It opens with a kind of minty cadenza for violin and cello, and goes on to pay tribute to the great Astor Piazzolla, whose spirit lives on and on." – BlogCritics 


Arts Fuse Best Classical Recording of 2018 


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French Moments

Chandos Records

Release Date: June 1, 2018


"The Best New Recordings of 2018 (So Far) . . . The up-and-coming Neave Trio makes a compelling case for these lesser-known piano trios by Roussel, Debussy and Fauré, coloring them with exquisite phrasing and delicate touch." – WQXR

“RECORDING OF THE MONTH . . . All three of these very gifted players have such manifest commitment to, and love of, the music they perform . . . This is a superb disc." – Music Web International

"the players find what's important and stirring in the music . . . The Debussy Piano Trio No. 1 in G major . . . is given an entirely appropriate brisk, slightly brash performance . . . this album will satisfyingly fill many an empty space in collections of French music." – AllMusic

“These are such talented musicians, and they've put together another fascinating CD program . . . This is powerful, moving music, played with great sentiment but also grace and finesse.” – Music for Several Instruments

“The three piano trios offered by the Neave Trio . . . provide perfect vehicles to justify the etymology of the ensemble’s chosen title, since ‘Neave’ derives from the Gaelic designation for ‘bright’ and ‘radiant’. . . The Neave Trio has imbued this rare chamber work with a sonic luster elegant and refined." – Audiophile Audition

"What they’ve got here, on their second Chandos album, is wonderful ... Debussy’s G-major Trio is the disc’s centerpiece and is played with a delicate touch ... they freely dig into [Roussel's] lyrical extremes, making vivid work of the stirring opening movement and delivering a haunting, introspective reading of the second ... there’s plenty of drama to be found in the Neave’s performance ... a fresh, enticingly-played release, highly recommended." – The ArtsFuse


The Best New Recordings of 2018 (So Far) - WQXR



"An assured performance replete with snappy rhythms and tasteful dynamics . . . a very pleasing listen, and an enlightening introduction to some seldom-heard but very worthwhile music by composers born in, or who made a strong mark in, the United States." – Blogcritics

"a delight . . . persuasive and well recorded" – Music Web International

"The Neave Trio does a fine job with this music. The playing is precise and the trio is clearly committed . . . I enjoyed my time listening to this disk, and all of the music was refreshingly new" – Audiophile Audition


Chandos Record Label Debut 2016


American Moments

Chandos Records

Release Date: November 4, 2016